With over a decade of experience in the boating industry, Pure Performance Marine & Propeller offers full boat service from propeller to impeller, oil change to bow light. We can handle it all!

We are a full service boating and propulsion facility dedicated to detail, quality, efficiency, durability and customer satisfaction. Utilizing the latest technology in propeller repair, we will repair your propeller, shaft, strut, rudder, bearing, or powertrain and get you back in the water in no time.

Pure Performance provides fast, and even overnight service. We service Marinas, Boat Dealers, and Service Centers throughout Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Not only do we repair boats and propellers but we also sell new and used propellers, buy used propellers and lone out propellers when needed.

Let us repair your propeller and you will have smoother power transference, reduced noise and vibration, increased fuel economy, stronger out-of-the-hole torque and faster top-end speeds.

Contact us to get started today!